During the past 3 months, I acted on developing a side-hustle on top of my full-time job. In a nutshell, here is what I could achieve:

  • Discussed with 50+ people about their productivity communication in their jobs
  • Launched a landing page
  • Developed a software prototype without any prior coding skills
  • Tested this prototype with 12 users

I learned a lot, but I wish I could have been ten times faster.

First landing page of hellooo.io

It starts with a “thank you” 🙏

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all of those who helped me in my journey trying to shape (humbly) the future of communication for hybrid and remote…

Louis Mestrallet

Project Manager @Tilkal, Starter @Hellooo.io, Write about productivity and launching a side-hustle

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